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Krystal Barter is a preventative cancer activist, speaker, author, wife and proud mother-of-three. As a young woman, Krystal watched on as every single female member of her family was diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. Her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 36, her nan at 44 and her great grandma at 68. Krystal soon discovered that her family’s cancer history was not by chance, but due to a gene fault called BRCA1, which predisposes the carrier to the different cancers.

Krystal elected to have a preventative double mastectomy after finding out she too carried the cancer-causing gene. It was 2009 and Krystal, then only 25, was one of the first Australian women to publicly share her story – one that caught the eye of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who insisted on meeting Krystal after having the preventative surgery herself.

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Krystal Barter's Book

In 2014, Krystal became a published author of the memoir, The Lucky One. It's an inspiring story of an extraordinary young woman - a fighter, a survivor, a wife, a mother and a crusader.

Krystal details how she defied a family cancer curse to save herself and offer the gift of hope to thousands of other women – many of whom she never met.

From a troubled teenager struggling to come to terms with her mother's cancer and the family curse, to a young wife and mother faced with a terrible choice, Krystal Barter continues to overcome life’s challenges.

The Lucky One is a story of love, courage and transformation that will move all who read it.

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I've been friends with Krystal and her family for many years, her courage and the way she decided to take this head on captured my imagination but also my respect."

Karl Stefanovic, Today Show host.

She has been referred to as Australia's Angelina Jolie, but as well as them both carrying the faulty BRCA1 gene, Pink Hope founder Krystal Barter also shares the Oscar winner's influence and star pulling power."

Pink Hope

At the age of 25, with her husband and two children beside her, Krystal Barter decided to have a preventative double mastectomy - on national television, no less.

Realising there was nowhere she could find support for women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer, Krystal started a unique charity called Pink Hope from her hospital bed.

"Having experienced the isolation and lack of information for high risk women like me, I decided to be proactive about helping others which lead to me creating Pink Hope," says Krystal.

"I have made it my personal mission to provide information, resources and support for the high risk community."

Since 2009, Pink Hope has grown from a small community to a global preventative health movement, helping thousands of families in Australia and around the world who are at a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Pink Hope campaigns such as Bright Pink Lipstick Day, Pinky Promise and Know Your Risk have reached millions and attracted global leaders in the women's health space, including Dr Kristi Funk who performed surgical treatment to Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow.

Pink Hope continues to be at the forefront of preventative health, working collaboratively with healthcare providers and developing innovative tools and programs to empower everyone to take control of their breast and ovarian cancer risk.

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An experienced and passionate speaker, Krystal Barter has featured on 60 Minutes, the Today Show, A Current Affair, The Morning Show and SBS Insight.

She regularly hosts events for her charity, Pink Hope, and appears on panels in Australia and around the world discussing preventative health.

Her story is a remarkable one of hope and empowerment in the face of adversity. With a strong knowledge of the women’s health space, Krystal understands what works for campaign creation and activation; and patient engagement.

Engage Krystal to help you build successful strategies and bring your NFP into the digital age.

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